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The show will be streamed live on The Posts site, its national news app, Facebook and YouTube. This program will complement the on-the-ground coverage by Post journalists throughout the day. This multi-location production builds off of the tremendous success of our election night live show which drew our largest video audience ever, said Micah Gelman, director of video at The Washington Post. We plan to do more ambitious live programming around major news events in the year ahead and will continue to invest more in producing content for new platforms. The day-long broadcast will be anchored by Ed OKeefe and Elise Viebeck from The Posts new outdoor set at its K Street headquarters.It will feature on-set interviews with top Post reporters and columnists and updates from half a dozen reportersfrom Post cameras locatedacross the city and along the parade route, including Abby Phillip at the White House, Libby Casey on Capitol Hill, Lee Powell at Freedom Plaza, and Ben Terris from the National Mall. In addition, Bill Plante, retired CBS White House correspondentwho has covered every inauguration since 1977, will offer expert commentary and historical analysis. In collaboration with Hearst Magazines Digital Media, viewers will hear from top editors at ELLE.com and Cosmopolitan.comtwo powerhouse media brands whose political coverage proved essential reading throughout the 2016 presidential election cycle. Featured guests from both brands will unpack the implications that the incoming administration holds for their audiences of millennial women and explore the role of fashion in the political sphere. The Post will have two live blogs running during the day, one focused on providing updates on logistics, security, and the crowd. The second live blog will offer political analysis, historical background and context as events unfold from top Post political reporters like Dan Balz, Karen Tumulty, Robert Costa, Philip Rucker, Paul Kane, Ashley Parker, Jenna Johnson, and David Fahrenthold. Beyond political news and analysis, the live coverage will feature a look into the nights fashion and the inaugural events taking place throughout the weekend from Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan, Reliable Source columnists Emily Heil and Helena Andrews-Dyer, and Style writers Dan Zak and Monica Hesse.

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The government estimates that 100,000 Cubans connect to the internet daily. A new feature of urban life in Cuba is the sight of people sitting at all hours on street corners or park benches, their faces illuminated by the screen of smartphones connected by applications such as Facebook Messenger to relatives in Miami, Ecuador or other outposts of the Cuban diaspora. Connections are made mostly through access cards sold by the state monopoly and often resold on street corners for higher prices. The spread of connectivity has remotely reunited families separated for years, even decades. It's fueled the spread of Airbnb and other booking services that have funneled millions in business to private bed-and-breakfasts owners. And it's exposed Cubans to a faster flow of news and cultural developments from the outside world supplementing the widespread availability of media spread on memory drivers. Cuban ingenuity has spread internet far beyond those public places: thousands of people grab the public signals through commercially available repeaters, imported illegally into Cuba and often sold for about $100 double the original price. Mounted on rooftops, the repeaters grab the public signals and create a form of home internet increasingly available in private rentals for tourists and cafes and restaurants for Cubans and visitors alike. On the official front, Google and Cuba's state-run telecoms monopoly Etecsa struck a deal last month to store Google content like YouTube video on servers inside Cuba, giving people on the island faster, smoother access. While the explosion of internet in Cuba has taken place alongside the process of normalization started by Obama in 2014, it's unclear how much better relations have speeded up Cuba's move online. Obama said in announcing detente that he welcomed "Cuba's decision to provide more access to the Internet for its citizens," but neither Obama's team nor Cuban officials have detailed whether that decision was directly linked to negotiations to restore diplomatic ties and began negotiations.